TD: Steve Largent, Houston Oiler

Have some NFL Network on in the background today, and they’re playing (what else) some Top 10 lists. In the list of Best Hands, Steve Largent is #3 on the list–not all that surprising.

But Today’s Discovery (for me) is that Steve Largent wasn’t drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

Despite an All-American career at University of Tulsa, Largent wasn’t taken until the 4th round (117th overall) of the 1976 draft, but by the Houston Oilers, not the Seattle Seahawks. As the 1976 preseason wound down, the Oilers were set to cut Largent–but they traded him to the expansion Seahawks, for an 8th round pick in the 1977 draft (which appears to have been used to draft wide receiver Steve Davis out of Georgia, who doesn’t seem to have ever appeared in an NFL game).

Largent had a decent career for the Seahawks–if you like guys that retire holding every single significant receiving record there is. Not bad for giving up an 8th rounder.


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