Quick Hit: Eagles Like Rams Quarterbacks

A real quick hit from mordeci00 on the NFL subreddit–apparently, of the top 10 quarterbacks in Eagles franchise history (by number of pass attempts), only 3 of them have actually been drafted by the Eagles.

That alone probably isn’t a shocking stat–there are probably a lot of teams who’s top 10 QBs came from other teams, especially if that team isn’t willing to spend a high pick on them.

The surprising part is that 4 of those Eagles top 10 quarterbacks actually came from one other franchise–the Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams.

Ron Jaworski (#2, drafted 37th in 1974), Roman Gabriel (#7, 2nd in 1962), Bobby Thomason (#8, 7th in 1949) and Norm Van Brocklin (#10, 37th also in 1949). If Sam Bradford plays for the Eagles in 2016, he may pass Van Brocklin–but wouldn’t change the count, since he was taken 1st overall by the Rams in 2010.



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