21 Aug 2016

QUIZ: NFL Teams First to 100 Receptions in a Season

28 NFL franchises have had at least one player reach the century mark for receptions in a season. How many of the players who were the first to reach that mark for their franchise can you identify, given
20 Aug 2016

Quick Hit: Football Safer Than Many Think

So I’ve been flipping through American Football: How The Game Evolved, and one thing struck me as fascincating–for as dangerous as we make football out to be today (and don’t get me wrong, I understand it is
16 May 2016

Quiz: Minnesota Vikings First Round Picks

The Minnesota Vikings entered the NFL in 1961, and had the first overall selection in that year’s draft. Since then, they have made 58 additional first round picks, including nine times that they have had more than
16 May 2016

TD:Oldest Player to Score First Touchdown & More

Randall McDaniel is my favorite NFL player of all time. Aside from being a Vikings fan and witnessing his domination (including a record 12 Pro Bowl appearances), there was the awkward stance, the quiet nature of doing
14 May 2016

Quiz: #1 Overall Draft Picks

The NFL has been holding drafts since 1936, meaning there have been 81 #1 overall picks made. Through a period of awarding the first pick via a random drawing (1947 to 1958), competing with the AFL (1966 to
25 Apr 2016

Quick Hit: Eagles Like Rams Quarterbacks

A real quick hit from mordeci00 on the NFL subreddit–apparently, of the top 10 quarterbacks in Eagles franchise history (by number of pass attempts), only 3 of them have actually been drafted by the Eagles. That alone probably
10 Apr 2016

TD: Steve Largent, Houston Oiler

Have some NFL Network on in the background today, and they’re playing (what else) some Top 10 lists. In the list of Best Hands, Steve Largent is #3 on the list–not all that surprising. But Today’s Discovery
3 Apr 2016

Quiz: 2011 NFL Draft Class First Round

It’s still a little early to say for sure, but the 2011 NFL Draft Class certainly is on track to stack up amongst the best of all time, with 75% of the first half of the first
2 Apr 2016

Quiz: NFL Teams’ Last 1st Round Quarterback

Virtually every NFL team needs a franchise quarterback to find success–but not all teams go about finding that franchise quarterback the same way. Some draft them early, often (looking at you Cleveland). Some acquire other team’s former first
1 Apr 2016

Quick Hit: Who is the Tallest Quarterback in the NFL?

We’ve previously written about the tallest player in NFL history, but what about specifically the tallest quarterback in NFL history?  And tallest active quaterback in the NFL? Well, the tallest quarterback in NFL history appears to be